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Citing Your Sources: Formatting a Works Cited List

This guide will help you cite your sources properly and avoid plagiarism in your writing

Works Cited Tips

The Works Cited list is just what the name indicates: a list of works you have actually cited in your paper.  If you need more information, use the MLA Handbook, 8th edition LB 2369 G53 2016 (at the information desk 2nd floor of the library), or use an online guide like  Purdue Owl  to help you fomat your works cited page.



Works Cited Examples

The core elements of any entry in the works-cited list are 1) Author 2) Title of Source 3) Title of Container 4) Other Contributors 5) Version 6) Number  7) Publisher 8) Publication Date 9) Location
The 8th edition of the MLA Handbook  offers an explanation of these core elements.
The following are examples of citations:

Articles in databases
Use a DOI if one is available, otherwise use a url or permalink or stable url and remove the beginning http://or https:// from the link in your citation.

Article in Jstor database

McMichael, Anthony. "Population, Environment, Disease, and Survival: Past Patterns, Uncertain Futures." Lancet, vol.189

     no.2, 2002, pp.1145-48. doi:12.64856/548772.




Lessig, Lawrence. "Free Debates: More Republicans call RNC." Lessig 2.0., 25 Apr. 2008,


Book with one author

Fairbanks, Carol. Prairie Women: Images in American and Canadian Fiction. New Haven: Yale UP, 1986. 


Franke, Damon. Modernist Heresies: British Literary History, 1883-1924. Columbus: Ohio State UP,


Harbord, Janet. The Evolution of Film: Rethinking Film Studies. Cambridge: Polity, 2007.

Book with two or three authors

Berry, Jason, Jonathan Foose, and Tad Jones. Up from the Cradle of Jazz: New

      Orleans Music since World War II. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1986.

Booth, Wayne C., Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams. The Craft of Research. 2nd ed.

      Chicago: U of Chicago P, 2003.

Tannen, Deborah, and Muriel Saville-Troike, eds. Perspectives on Silence. Norwood: Ablex,


 Republished book

Wharton, Edith. The Age of Innocence. 1920. New York: Appleton, 1974.

Revised edition

Treat, Nola, and Lenore Richards. Quantity Cookery. 4th ed. Boston: Little, 1966.


Two or more works by the same author

Alcott, Louisa May. Little Men. 3rd ed. New York: Scribner, 1985. Print.

Gilbert, Sandra M., and Susan Gubar, eds. The Female Imagination and the Modernist Aesthetic.

      New York: Gordon, 1986.

A work in an anthology or a collection of works by different authors

Lazard, Naomi. "In Answer to Your Query." The Norton Book of Light Verse. Ed. Russell Baker.

      New York: Norton, 1986.52-53.

Daiches, David. A Critical History of English Literature. 2nd ed. 2 vols. New York: Ronald, 1970.


Article in a reference book

Chiappini, Luciano. "Este, House of." Encyclopaedia Britannica: Macropaedia. 1974 ed.

Trainen, Isaac N., et al. "Religious Directives in Medical Ethics." Encyclopedia of Bioethics.

      Ed. Warren T. Reich. 4 vols. New York: Free, 1978.

"Witch." Oxford English Dictionary. 2nd ed. 1989.

An introduction, a preface, a foreword, or an afterword

Coetzee, J. M. Introduction. The Confusions of Young Trless. By Robert Musil. Trans. Shaun Whiteside.

       New York: Penguin, 2001. v-xiii.

Felstiner, John. Preface. Selected Poems and Prose of Paul Celan. By Paul Celan. Trans. Felstiner.

       New York: Norton, 2001. xix-xxxvi.

Marsalis, Wynton. Foreword. Beyond Category: The Life and Genius of Duke Ellington. By John Edward

       Hasse. New York: Simon, 1993. 13-14.

Sears, Barry. Afterword. The Jungle. By Upton Sinclair. New York: Signet, 2001. 343-47.

Government publications

United States. House. Committee on the Budget. The Balanced Budget Amendment: Hearings 

      before the Committee on the Budget
. 102nd Cong., 2nd sess. Washington: GPO, 1992.


Book Review in magazine with article title

Kennedy, Randall. "Looking for Zora." Rev. of I Love Myself When I Am Laughing

and Then Again When I Am Looking Mean and Impressive,

by Zora Neale Hurston. New York Times Book Review

30 Dec. 1979: 8, 17.

Article in a scholarly journal

Santley, Robert S. "The Political Economy of the Aztec Empire." Journal of Anthropological Research, vol. 41,

       no.1, Jan. 2014, pp.93-146.



Article from a magazine on web

Samuelson, Robert J. "The Virtue of Gridlock." Newsweek, 14 Sept. 1992,

 Academic Journal on web

Cohen, Lara Langer. "Emily Dickenson's Teenage Fan Club." The Emily Dickenson

     Journal, vol.23, no.1, 2014,

Magazine in database

Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky. "Epistemology of the Closet."  Ladies Home Journal vol.103, no.5, June 1988, pp.39-68.



Article from a newspaper

from a library database:

Reinhardt, Uwe E. "Universal Coverage, It's Now or Never."  The New York Times,

      29 June 1994, p. B6. Proquest National Newpapers,

Free Web:

Michaels, Andrew. "Howard Police Teach Life Lesssons to Youth Trhough Chess." Baltimore Sun, 23 Feb. 2016,


In Print:

Smith, Jane Rose. "Origins of Day of the Dead." Hartford Courant, 5 Sept. 2009, pp.A1+.


An editorial

If the editorial is unsigned begin with the title:

"The Declining Dollar." Editorial. The New York Times 28 June 1994: A16.

If the editorial is signed begin with the author's name:

Zuckerman, Mortimer B. "Welcome to Communicopia." Editorial. US News and World Report

      1 Nov. 1993:116.

A letter to the editor

Safer, Morley. Letter. New York Times 31 Oct. 1993, late ed., sec. 2:4.

Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr. Letter. New York Review of Books 8 Apr. 2004: 84.

A review

Quandt, William B. Rev. of Middle East - Iran's Economy under the Islamic Republic, by

      Jahangir Amuzegar. Foreign Affairs 73 (1994): 180-81.

Bordewich, Fergus M. Rev. of Once They Moved like the Wind: Cochise, Geronimo, and

     the Apache Wars, by David Roberts, and Brave Are My People: Indian Heroes Not Forgotten,

     by Frank Waters. Smithsonian Mar. 1994: 125-31.


Only three pieces of information are needed: the name of the subject, the type of interview (usually "personal," "telephone," or "email"), and the date of the interview.

Anderson, John J. Personal interview. 29 Sept. 2003.

King, Stephen. E-mail interview. 15 Sept. 2003.

A televsion series

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Created by Joss Whedon,

     performance by Sarah Michelle Gellar, season 4,

     episode 10, Mutant Enemy, 1999.



A Twitter Post 

@persiankiwi.  "We have report of large street battles in east&

     west of Tehran now-#Iraneletion." Twitter, 23 June 2009,

     11:20 a.m.,


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