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Everything you need to know and the application for the Human Library event on April 11, 2018

Human Library

The Human Library will be here on Wednesday April 11th at The Burritt Library (second floor).

What is a Human Library?

A Human Library is an event that encourages people from different backgrounds to talk with and learn from each other. Human Books are volunteers who are willing to share their stories and/or their expertise. Participants can “borrow” human books for up to 20 mins at a time in order to have a conversation and ask questions about the book's topic.

The library is a safe place to have some positive conversations to challenge stereotypes and prejudices, learn about a career, or just to get to know another individual.


Contact Information

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Susan Slaga-Metivier at or 860-832-2095. Also you may reserve/check books IN PERSON that are still available the day of the event.


The first Human Library was in 2000 in Copenhagen, Denmark by the group Stop The Violence. The purpose of this first event was to challenge prejudices, to encourage dialog, and to build relationships.

The goals of every Human Library since have been similar. The event is held in a safe place where people can have open and honest conversations to learn from each other.

CBC National News: The Human Library tells a different story.


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