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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) at CCSU

Past CCSU Awardees

CCSU Past Winners

2021: Jason Snyder & Mark Cistulli - Impact Grant

Today's Business Communication: A How-To Guide for the Modern Professional 

The first openly licensed edition of this textbook was released in 2019, and the 2021 edition, made possible by the grant, allowed them to update content and add ancillary materials being used in CCSU courses. 

"I had heard about the benefits of OERs and realized that I had a very real opportunity to update my original text and provide it to students at no cost. Why not give students what they need without putting undo pressure on their finances? I also had the opportunity to work with my colleagues, Mark Cistulli, Alana Ledford and Cathy Donahue on updating the original text. We worked so well together that we wrote a research paper on the outcomes of using the OER with our students. Not surprisingly, the results showed that the OER was as effective as anything we used before in our classes." - Jason Snyder

"Dr. Snyder approached me with the idea after he finished the first edition of Today’s Business Communication: A How-to Guide for the Modern Professional. I was excited to help develop the next edition knowing it would provide my students the same content without any cost. Many texts are too expensive for our students. It seemed like something that I could do that might make a difference and I still got to create a quality text." - Mark Cistulli


2020: Asheka Rahman - Adoption Grant 

Laboratory Manual for DC Electrical Circuit Analysis 

Laboratory Manual for AC Electrical Circuit Analysis

"AC and DC Circuit Analysis courses require laboratory work requiring lab manuals with instructions. Two excellent lab manuals are published under Creative Commons Licenses. CT OER adoption grant was used to revise existing instructions and update lab supplies based on the newly adopted open-source lab manuals. The manuals can be embedded in Blackboard learning management system. For easy accessibility and sustainability of the OER materials, the lab manuals are listed at CCSU Bookstore Adoptions and Insight Portals (AIP)." - Asheka Rahman

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