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Technical Support and Off Campus Access

This guide provides tips about accessing library materials both on and off campus, as well as what to do with security warnings when accessing library databases.

How to set up Off-Campus access

Current Students, Faculty and Staff are entitled to use subscription research databases and e-journals outside the campus network (i.e., at home!). All you need is a BlueNet account! Go to the Accounts Management page if you need to activate, reset, or retrieve a BlueNet account. Happy searching!

Signing In

1. Click on “Guest” in the upper right corner.

Click on Guest for login

2. Click “Sign In”.

Click on Sign In icon

 or For your phone or tablet, SIGN IN will be behind the dots.

Mobile Sign In dots screenshot

3. Sometimes, when an advanced service is available to you, a sign-in prompt will appear. Click or tap the sign in icon to login.

my auth image

4. Click on “CCSU users” if you have a Bluenet ID (e.g., for students, faculty, or staff members at CCSU). Everyone else should use the second option.

CentralSearch Login Overlay for CCSU users OR guests

5. Enter your Bluenet ID and add after the id as your User Name (ex. This is not necessarily the same as your email address. Use your current Bluenet password.

Login form for Bluenet id users

6. You will know that you are logged in when you see your name in the upper right corner instead “Guest”.

Image of what it looks like when you've successfully logged in - your name will appear in the upper right hand corner

*** Please note: You may be blocked from accessing our databases at work, but that shouldn’t happen from home.   If it doesn’t work, call Norm at 860-832-0064 and we will try other options. 

Trouble with your login

To check your Library record...

Visit:  CentralSEARCH to get started!

Once you are logged into CENTRALSearch you should see “Your Library Record” when you mouse over your name in the upper right hand corner.

If you are having additional troubles logging in:

Sign in problems should be rare. Match your screen to one of the pictures here, and follow our suggestions to handle the issue.

You can login with your Bluenet id plus the suffix if you are a CCSU student, faculty, or staff member. Guest users can sign in with their library card. This Bluenet id plus the is not necessarily the same thing as your email address (which, for students, often ends in The id itself may not be the same as the prefix for your email. For example,, would allow the user with a Bluenet id of xxxx209 to login instead of what may be the user's actual email address, e.g.,

Authentication failed

Authentication failed in Sailpoint / Bluenet system screenshot

If you type in the wrong Bluenet id or password, you'll get a simple authentication error. Try again (check that your CAPS LOCK is not on) to ensure that you haven't mistyped your username or password.

Authorization refused

Sailpoint authorizatoin refused error

You have logged in with valid credentials, but you are not actively associated with CCSU. If you are coming from another library in the CSCU consortium, sign in at your home library's catalog then search the CSCU Library Consortium scope.

At the present time, you can only have 1 live sign-in session open from a university or college in the consortium. Close your other session and then sign-in with your CCSU account as described above.

If authorization is being refused and you have an active student, instructor or staff account at CCSU, your library system account may be frozen or expired. Contact your library's circulation desk during normal business hours to get their help to resolve your error.

Error page (very rare)

Authentication system error message

The library system rejected your sign in request. Typically, this would only happen if you are active at CCSU, but no account has been created for you in the library software. A librarian can create temporary account for you and help sort out the problem.

Other Issues - Who to contact for Help:  

You can reach campus IT@ 860-832-2170 or call the reference desk @ 860-832-2060




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