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Technical Support and Off Campus Access

This guide provides tips about accessing library materials both on and off campus, as well as what to do with security warnings when accessing library databases.

Printing at the Library

Print Station Directions & Printing Costs

Go to a print station to release the document to a printer in the library. It may take a few minutes for your job to appear on the Print Release Station. If you don’t see your print job the first time you swipe your card, wait a minute and swipe your card again. Follow the instructions at the Print Release Station for printing your document. Standard CCSU printing charges apply – costs are subtracted from print credit or Blue Chip money.

Standard printing charges are as follows:

  • $0.05 per page for double-sided black & white ($0.10 for both sides)
  • $0.10 per page for single-sided black & white
  • $0.65 per page for single-sided color
  • $0.35 per page for double-sided color ($0.70 for both sides)

Wireless Printing for Laptops is Available in the Library!

CCSU students and faculty can print to printers in the Library (or in the Marcus White Student Technology Center or the Student Center) directly from mobile devices, laptops, tablets, etc., via a system called PrinterOn.  The documents will be sent to the pay-for-printing Print Stations in the three areas and will need to be released to a printer.  There are three ways to print with PrinterOn.

1. Print from the web by going to using any browser.
2. Print from email directly to a Print Station and then release to a printer.
3. Print from the App – go to your app store and download the free PrinterOn app.

Need Help? Contact the IT Help Desk at 860-832-1720 -
IT Help Desk Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 8pm; Friday - 7:30am - 5pm

Wireless Printing Step-by-Step Guide

Before Getting Started

For the best results, make sure the document you want to print has been converted to a PDF format. Even if you are attempting to print a webpage, you should first save the webpage as a PDF to your desktop prior to printing. This will allow you to see exactly how the document will look once printed.


• EB_BW_Simplex: This will print documents in the library in black and white and single sided.
• EB_BW_Duplex: This will print documents in the library in black and white and double sided.
• EB_Color_Simplex: This will print documents in the library in color and single sided.
Note: Double-sided color printing is not available in the library. To print a document in color and double sided, please go over to the Marcus White Computer Lab.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. From your laptop go to, and click the print button in the middle of the screen.

Image of the first step of printing wirelessly

2. To log into the printing service use your BlueNet ID and password. Your BlueNet ID probably has six characters: the first two are letters and the last four are numbers

Image of the second step of printing wirelessly


3. Once logged in, you will see a list of printers. If you are in the library, you will want to choose a printer name that starts with EB, which stands for Elihu Burritt (library). EB_BW_Simplex will print your documents single-sided in black and white. EB_BW_Duplex will print your documents double-sided in black and white. 

Image of the third step of printing wirelessly

EB_Color_Simplex will print your documents single-sided in color.

Another image of the third step of printing wirelessly


4. After choosing a printer, you will be prompted to upload the file you want to print. Remember: for best results, upload your file as a PDF document. At this point you can also indicate how many copies you want to print and which pages you want to print. If you only want one copy and/or you want to print the entire document, leave these spaces blank and click “continue”.

Image of the fourth step of printing wirelessly


5. The next screen gives you more options for printing; however, most of the time you will not need to adjust any of these settings. Click “continue” to move forward.

Image of the fifth step of printing wirelessly


6. The print job should take less than a minute to process.

Image of the sixth step of printing wirelessly


7. Once your print job is complete, you can go to the print station on the first, second, or fourth floor of the library to release your print job. You will need to swipe your BlueChip card at the print station computer and select your print job from the list and click “print”. Remember that the only printer in the library that prints in color is on the second floor.

Image of the final step in printing wirelessly


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