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Gerontology: GERO 500 Current Perspectives in Gerontology

Course research guide for graduate-level Gerontology students

About Mendeley

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Mendeley is a free citation manager and academic social networking tool. Mendeley is a desktop application so you will need to make your account and download it to your own personal computer (not available on University-owned public computers). It also has web browser and mobile functionality so you can access your Mendeley library while away from your computer. Mendeley allows you to save and annotate sources and create citations and bibliographies. It also has other useful features, like recommending articles based on your research areas.

Use the resources linked below to get started with Mendeley, or to find help with using this citation manager.

You can also follow Mendeley on Twitter for updates, tips and support:

Get Mendeley

Download Mendeley and associated plug-ins using these links:

Mendeley Support

Mendeley Support Documentation:


Mendeley LibGuides:

CCSU Librarians have created an entire guide on everything you need to know about Mendeley!

Here are some guides created by other academic libraries. Please be aware that you may not have access to all links within these guides since the URLs may be specific to that college or university library.

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