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Honors: HON 440 Writing and Research II (Pozorski)

Your one-stop for books, articles, websites, and other resources you'll need for HON 440, Section 02, Fall 2021.


What could you as a researcher and writer do with an information source?


BEAM: A Rhetorical Vocabulary for Teaching Research-Based Writing Author(s): Joseph Bizup Source: Rhetoric Review, Vol. 27, No. 1 (2008), pp. 72-86 Published by: Taylor & Francis, Ltd. Stable URL:

Research Overview


Information Need


How Will You Use this Information in your Paper?


  Where Can You Go for this Information?

Background information

(overview of topic)

  • To get up to speed on the topic
  • In a written introduction to this topic in your paper

Search the Online Catalog and Library      Databases.  Depending on what you are looking for, you may consult various types of databases:

- reference such as Credo (for a topic overview);

- historical such as History Reference Center (for info about the time period, for example);

- biographical such as Biography Reference Center (for author background info);

- criticism such as Literature Criticism Online (for literary interpretations); and

- general such as Academic Source Premier and Jstor (for a little bit of everything).

You can also check out print and e-books and reputable websites.



Historical information about the time period, setting, etc.


  • Relate the setting of the time period and events that occurred in that time period to the themes within the text (social, cultural)
  • Provides Background on a society’s “rules and conventions” at a particular time period
  • Will help strengthen your Argument


Author biographical information

Make a connection with the author’s Background and a deeper understanding of why the author may have written the piece.


Your literary piece


Use your source as example and evidence for analysis  (Exhibit)


Critical analysis of your chosen text


To provide different interpretations of the piece (Argument)


Scholarly research on the topic

(Psychological, societal, cultural perspectives)

  • Scholar/expert support of themes within the piece
  • Will help strengthen your Argument
  • May provide various Methods and Techniques (key terms, theory, perspective, discourse)

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