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Native Land Acknowledgement at CCSU

This guide includes links and information about the work being done on a native land acknowledgement for CCSU, as well as the deeper meaning of this work.

Currently involved in this effort

The following are members of the informal team that is working on the land acknowledgement issue (this is an evolving group, with new members joining us, so this may not be inclusive, nor is it in a specific order)

  • Elena Kouldibrova
  • Katherine Hermes
  • Beverly Johnson
  • Evelyn Phillips
  • Karen Van Brakle
  • Walton Brown-Foster
  • Stacey Miller
  • Tiffany Trowbridge-Bernard
  • William Fothergill
  • Sharon Clapp
  • Sydnie Dorman
  • Denaya Christopherson

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