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Burritt Library subscribes to a number of E-book platforms, see what they are and how to read them here.


The purpose of this guide is to introduce patrons to the eBook platforms to which the Elihu Burritt Library subscribes and to instruct patrons how to read the eBooks available.

Ebooks found at CCSU

CCSU has three types of eBooks:‚Äč

  1. eBooks that are identical to the printed version are usually published in PDF format and downloadable by chapter.
  2. eBooks that can only be read online in an HTML format. This kind of eBook is basically a webpage.
  3. eBooks that imitate printed books contain text and sometimes give the reader the option to make notes, look up words, turn pages, etc. These eBooks are normally in the EPUB format, they are generally DRM-protected and require special software to read. (Most eBooks that are bought on a Kindle or in iBooks etc. are DRM-protected; however, they are not in the EPUB file-format).

Note: This information was adapted from Lunds Universitet’s E-Books and E-readers-FAQ: Different kinds of e-books LibGuide.

Helpful Tools for Reading eBooks

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