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Burritt Library subscribes to a number of E-book platforms, see what they are and how to read them here.

Ebooks found at CCSU

CCSU has three types of ebooks:

  • E-books that are identical to the printed version, usually published in pdf format and downloadable by chapter.

  • E-books that can only be read online, in HTML-format. The book is, in short, a webpage.

  • E-books that imitate printed books, contain text and sometimes give the reader the option of making notes, look words up, turn pages etc. These e-books are normally in the EPUB format, they are generally DRM-protected and require special software. (Most e-books that are bought to a Kindle, in iBooks etc are also of this kind, however not in the EPUB file-format.)

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Helpful Tools for Reading e-books

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