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Digital Accessibility

This guide provides a look at the websites and online resources that provide the infrastructure for library ervices and resources online

The Elihu Burritt Library at CCSU is committed to to equal access for all users to library services and resources. 

The library works to meet the legal and best practices standards, as clarified in the CSCU digital accessibility policy at

Library Systems

Vendor-provided (will include VPATs)

For more on VPATs, see:

LibGuides Springshare Link to VPAT - OneDrive
LibAnswers Springshare Link to VPAT - OneDrive
LibWizard Springshare Link to VPAT - OneDrive

Digital Content Locations & Methods of Accessibility Complian

Library-Created Content

Vendor-created or distributed content should be covered by VPATs, as should the content management / digital repository platform products and anything that we subscribe to or is provided through a third-party interface, such as the subscription databases/ejournals/ebooks.

Vendor platforms & repositories (minus E-Resources, which will require a special page) are listed in the VPATs section.

The following are public-facing web locations that are managed or populated by the library. Here you will find enumeration of the materials available on a given site.

Web pages @

Estimated legitimate content pages at main site (excluding subsites): 200 

Library news site @


632 currently in the published status, 666 total as of 10/2/23


Only 2 currently public-facing & in published status, 9 privately published, 5 drafts as of 10/2/23


253 of all statuses as of 10/2/23: 133 public & in published status; 67 unpublished; 53 published but private status

LibAnswers FAQ pages

5 as of 10/2/23, see also vendor VPAT

LibWizard Forms

26 Forms; 15 Surveys; 23 quizzes; 6 tutorials as of 10/2/23, see also vendor VPAT


e.g., Library Newsletter, produced to PDF, which can be created or remediated with best practices; on 3rd-party vendor platforms, such as the page-turning products, uncertain about interface accessibility (check VPATs)

Graphics (e.g., for digital signs & social media)

This primarily matters for color contrast and readability measures for materials produced by the library (e.g., brochures, signs, social media). For social media, in some cases, the poster should be ensuring that they've added alt text for images (e.g., X formerly Twitter).

Audio / Video Assets (Besides Special Collections / Archives Digitized Materials)

e.g., tutorials up on MediaSpace or another site, such as Vimeo

Digitized Materials (may be textual, image, video, audio, Collections & item #s by Repository)

These numbers should be obtained from ISAR and Archives. For PDFs, images, video, and audio files, anything posted to a repository should be made accessible. (e.g., use of Adobe's Accessibility checker & manual remediation work for all PDFs produced; addition of captioning for all videos and audio posted).

Catalog / Metadata Records

Numbers available through ISAR and Archives. The individual records should be governed by the VPATs of the vendors where those records are hosted - e.g., Primo/Alma/Alma-D, CTDA.

E-Resources & Databases

The A to Z list itself would be covered by the VPAT for Springshare's LibGuides

Each vendor with whom we contract should have a VPAT (they are required to do so for other libraries and universities)

Specific Vendor VPATs listing:

Database of Subscription Database Providers' VPATs from the RAILS Library System

Other websites with pointers to vendor VPATs / information about accessibility of vendor products: 

Report an Issue / Remediation policy

The library will assign staff to remediate any issues that you run into with the accessibility of our resources. Here are your options for reporting issues:

  • Speak directly with a librarian
  • Email the Digital Resources Librarian, Sharon Clapp,
  • Use the Report an Issue / Technical Support form

Report a tech support issue

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