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Psychology: PSY301 Research Methods (Blau)

Library Tour

Finally, Special Collections, which includes the University Archives, Polish Archives, Rare Books, Gender Equity Collections, and more is found on the 2nd floor.

Pic of door to Special Collections

Thank you for viewing the Library's photo gallery. Please stop by soon and check us out in person!  

Picture of library staff

We hold a number of educational and fun events and offer displays throughout the year.  

Pics of various library events

In addition to a quiet study on the 4th floor, computers, a printer, and scanner, you will find the Curriculum Lab (pictured here) as well as the Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Center.

Pic of the Curriculum Lab

The 4th floor is designated for 'Quiet Study'.

Quiet Floor sign

The 3rd floor is mostly classrooms, including the library instruction classroom (EB302 01). Your professor may tell you your class is "meeting in the library" and this is mostly likely where!  

Pic of 3rd floor classroom sign

Throughout the library, you will find various seating options such as these comfy chairs and nooks and crannies for studying. Come in and find your spot!

Student sitting in a reclining position

On Stack 5, you will find group study rooms.

Pic of a Group Study Room

 A copier is available in Stack 3/2nd floor on the other side of the elevators near the Media Center. (The Media Center is where students can borrow various media equipment such as digital cameras, camcorders, tripods, and more.)

Pic of copier

You will find black and white printers on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors. There is also a color printer on the 2nd floor.


Librarian helping student with printer

Computers are available on the 2nd and 4th floors.  

Student working on a computer

Welcome to a photo gallery of what you'll find when you stop by the Library.  

Outside of Library Building

On the 2nd floor, you will find our "Ask Us" desk staffed by reference librarians who can help answer your research questions. Also, offices for the reference/instruction librarians are found on this floor.

Reference desk

Find the number range on the side of the shelf and zero in on the address of the book. The neighboring books may also be of interest - take some time to browse!

This sign provides details about the Library of Congress subject headings and hangs in the elevator.  'N' books are in the Fine Arts subject area. If this is your major, you will become very familiar with this area. It works the same way with other subjects.

Library of Congress Classification sign

There are total of 8 floors of book 'stacks' in the Library labeled 'S' (i.e. S1 - S8) and four main floors. The map tells you that books beginning with a 'N' are found on the Stack 4.

Library Map

Use Central Search accessed through the library’s home page ( to search for items. To locate physical items within the library, apply filters such as Physical and Books. Make note of the “address” (call number) of your item. In this case, N72 A76 B75 2019.

Screenshot of a record found through Central Search

Scanners allow you to scan documents and email or download them to a USB drive.

Picture of scanner

There are charging stations for your devices throughout the Library.

Charging Station

Check out your items at the Circulation Desk.

You will also find Course Reserves here, as well as helpful staff to answer your questions.

Circulation desk

The Elihu Burritt Library is located in between the Student Center and Kaiser Hall. The beautiful new Engineering Building is right next to us.

Campus map

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Elihu Burritt Library
Central Connecticut State University, 1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT 06050 - Map

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