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Burritt Library Basics

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Gift Policy

Central Connecticut State University’s Elihu Burritt Library welcomes gifts of print and non-print materials (i.e. DVDs, Audio CDs) that will enhance our collections as well as to replace lost or damaged materials within existing circulating collections.  Materials donated should meet and support the curricular and research needs of the CCSU community.  The Library evaluates all gifts for the general collection with the same guidelines used for purchased materials.

We encourage donors to check CentralSearch before making a donation to the Burritt Library.  Donors should use the online discovery tool, CentralSearch, to identify what kinds of materials we are currently collecting and if any of the items to be donated are already available at the Burritt Library. 

*Please note that due to the ever-changing state of libraries and education, our patrons preference is for materials in electronic format.  We still collect print and non-print materials but on a limited basis and only a limited number of donated materials will be added to the collection due to access and space restrictions.  Additional copies of materials are not accepted for most of the general collections, with exception made on a case by case basis.   

Donors should note that the Burritt Library adheres to copyright law and will not add donated materials that violate copyright law such as bootleg copies of CDs, programs recorded illegally off the television or downloaded via the internet, or photocopies/course packs.

The Library accepts gifts with the understanding that they become the property of the library upon receipt and reserves the right to dispose of gifts that are not suitable for the library collections.  The library may dispose of the unaccepted materials in a variety of different ways including: donating to another library, addition to our Book Sale shelves on the 2nd Floor, resale through Better World Books or discarding/throwing away.

Appraisal of gifts is the responsibility of the donor.  The donor is responsible for obtaining an appraisal of the gift for tax purposes.  The library is also unable to provide lists of materials donated.  Donors needing a title list of materials donated for their own records should do this prior to donation.  Library staff will not provide valuation statements, but will provide gift acknowledgement letters.  A Gift Donation Form will be needed so that gifts can be properly acknowledged and a letter sent to the donor indicating number of items by format. 

Financial donations can be made to the library using the “Support the Burritt Library” icon on the Burritt Library homepage.  All financial donations and proceeds from sale of donated books will go to the “Friends of the Burritt Library”.  For any questions about financial giving to the Burritt Library, please call Renata Vickrey; University Archivist, Special Collections and Community Outreach Librarian at 860-832-2058.  Financial gifts are acknowledged by Institutional Advancement at CCSU as well as by the Friends of the Burritt Library.


General Collections

The Burritt Library reserves the right to not accept gifts before being assessed (either through an in-person visit or by a review of a provided list of items to be donated) and may dispose of donated items unsuitable for the collection.  When donating a large gift (2 or more boxes) please contact the Acquisitions Librarian, Ann Crawford, to arrange a time for the gift to be assessed before delivery.  The Library will not accept gifts for its general collections that require special treatment (i.e. retention of material for certain number of years before disposal, placed in special location, or return of items not added to the collection).

The Library will not accept the following materials:

  • Books with mold or mildew
  • Materials that are badly damaged
  • Laboratory and repair manuals
  • Journal issues
  • Popular magazines (Time, Rolling Stone, Good Housekeeping, etc.)
  • Photocopies
  • Advanced Proof or Reading Copies
  • Outdated media (VHS tapes, audiocassette tapes, beta tapes, etc.)


Each donation will be evaluated by the Acquisitions/Serials Department staff in consultation with library subject liaisons as needed.  Donated materials that are already available within our collection will be assessed to see if it can be used to replace an older and/or worn copy within the collection.  The Library will determine the classification, shelving, and circulation policies for all gift items.

Long runs of print periodicals/journals are not accepted.  Any comments or questions about our periodical collections can be directed to Kristin D’Amato, Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian at 860-832-2074. 

If you have any general questions or concerns about donating materials to the Burritt Library please contact, Kristina Edwards, Acquisitions Librarian at 860-832-2073.

Special Collections, University Archives, and Rare Books

Special Collections, University Archives, and Rare Books department serves as Central Connecticut State University’s repository for rare, irreplaceable, unique, or otherwise valuable materials in various formats and may require special handling or care.  Special Collections actively seeks donations to enhance the following collections:

  • Connecticut Polish American Archives
  • GLBTQ Archives
  • University Archives 

Materials donated to Special Collections, University Archives, and Rare Books department are accepted by the Special Collections staff on a case by case basis.  Consultation with a member of Special Collections is needed to discuss the proper transfer of ownership rights for the donated materials, and explain the various options that can be provided for materials that are not added to the collection.  Donors are encouraged to also donate financially to help with the cost associated with preserving donated materials.  Please review the Deed of Gift and address any concerns with the Special Collections staff prior to donating materials. 

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation to our Special Collections, University Archives and Rare Books collections; please contact Renata Vickrey; University Archivist, Special Collections and Community Outreach Librarian at 860-832-2058. 

Policy Adopted: January 2015

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