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Marketing: MKT 373 Marketing Research (Snyder)

This guide will help students conduct industry-specific research, a competitor analysis, and research on specific consumer groups in the U.S.

Business Database Comparison

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Refer to the 'Database Tutorials' page for videos on how to use these databases.


Steps in the Research Process

1. Review your assignment details.

2. Find your industry's North American Classification Code (see below).

3. Familiarize yourself with the library business databases by viewing the Database Tutorials.

4. Ask yourself: what do you already know about your topic?  what do you want (need) to know?  what do you think you will find?

5. Start gathering Industry Analysis information. Search business databases and credible websites. Identify top competitors in the industry.

6. Conduct a Competitor Analysis by searching business databases and credible websites.

7. What consumer group are you targeting? Conduct Consumer Research on this market segment.

8. Remember to gather all pertinent source information so that you can properly Cite Your Work using the APA Style.

9. Review your research. What are you missing? Revisit some of the resources you searched as well as identifying new sources for information.

10. Determine the best way to present your analyses.

11. Revisit the assignment and grading rubric. Have you fulfilled the requirements of the assignment?


Remember to have a little fun with the research process. If you need any assistance, check with your professor and ask a librarian!



North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

NAICS coverIndustry research is often based on the NAICS code so it is helpful to have that code at hand. Search for the NAICS code here using keywords such as 'razor', 'beer', 'fast food' and so on. I f you do not find an accurate classification, you may need to expand your search such as considering 'personal care' instead of 'razor'. The business databases will also provide a way for you to identify the NAICS code.

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